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Why We Do What We Do

Community Assistance Council (CAC) was founded on the basic principle of “neighbors helping neighbors.” Board members, staff and volunteers all have strong ties to the area and relationships with supporting churches. Our commitment to improving the community has provided a sense of hope to those we assist.

Although we have made an impact on individuals' lives in the past 40 years, the area has become more economically challenged, especially in today's economy. The needs have become greater and more varied. We continually work to adapt our services to the changing needs of the community.

As the only social service agency physically located in south KC, we focus on helping our neighbors, day by day. Important supporters of CAC continue to be area churches, the Hickman Mills school district, as well as individuals with ties to the community. We have been blessed to do so much with a small pool of resources. Today though, purse strings have gotten tighter for everyone, costs for continuing our services continue to rise, and the need has become greater than ever. 

We need to do more. We want to do more. We want to continue to plant the seeds of self-sufficiency in south KC. With that in mind, we continue to help those that live in the area, to blossom into the thriving community we believe it can be.